What is Fentanyl?

  • It is a synthetically made opioid originally meant for use in a medical setting for pain relief
  • It is considered to be 50 to 100 times stronger than Morphine
  • 2 mg is the amount that can cause a fatal overdose; this equivalent to a few grains of salt

Fentanyl Picture

Why Should I Be Concerned about Fentanyl?

  • Fentanyl is being laced in drugs purchased on the street
  • Some look for fentanyl in their drug of choice, while others are unaware of it being present
  • Most common drugs that fentanyl is being seen in are Heroin, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, and MDMA
  • It is being formed into pills that look like Xanax or other prescription pills
  • It is being marketed more towards youth (i.e., Rainbow Fentanyl) by making it look like candy 

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