Causes & Manners of Death Falling Under the Jurisdiction of the Medical Examiner

  • Accidental deaths (including hip fracture or other injuries that could contribute to or cause a delayed death of an individual under medical or supportive care)
  • Any blunt force trauma or mechanical injury
  • Asphyxiation: foreign substance (food), ligature, drowning or chemical fume
  • Burning:
    • Chemical
    • Electricity
    • Fire
    • Lighting
    • Liquid
    • Radiation
  • Child/Infant: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (S.I.D.S.)
  • Cutting and stabbings
  • Drug overdose:
    • Alcoholic substance (actual or suspected)
    • Chemical
    • Medication
    • Narcotic
    • Poison
  • Explosions
  • Firearm related deaths
  • Homicide
  • Issues of communicable disease and public health as required
  • Jail, confinement or custody
  • Occupational injuries resulting in an immediate or delayed death
  • Stillborn/newborn: traumatic event or drug intoxication
  • Sudden unexpected and/or un-witnessed deaths in previously healthy individuals
  • Suicide
  • Vehicular accidents:
    • Aircraft
    • All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)
    • Auto
    • Bicycle
    • Bus
    • Motorcycle
    • Snowmobile
    • Tractor
    • Train
    • Watercraft
  • Weather related: lightning, heat exhaustion, hypothermia, drowning

Office of the Medical Examiner's Jurisdiction

The state of NY with counties outlined and a red box showing the Medical Examiner's jurisdiction
Office of the Medical Examiner's Jurisdiction showing municipality boundaries