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CARES Act Grant Business Survey

  1. CARES Act Grant Business Survey

    All information will be kept confidential.

  2. Did COVID-19 impact your business?
  3. Did you receive funding through the Paycheck Protection Program?
  4. Did you receive any other state or federal funding?
  5. Do you plan on expanding your business this year?
  6. Do you plan on closing your business this year?
  7. Did you have any problems getting employees back after the COVID shut down or reduction in hours?
  8. Are you having difficulty hiring new employees?
  9. Are you having difficulty retaining employees?
  10. Have increased labor costs impacted your business?
  11. Are you having problems getting supplies?
  12. Do you need assistance training employees?
  13. Have you visited the Rensselaer County One Stop Center?
  14. Would you like information about the One Stop Center?
  15. Do you have any issues with infrastructure?
  16. Do you have any other needs for your business?
  17. Would you like your business listed on a webpage for Rensselaer County businesses?
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