Why prepare a Hazard Mitigation Plan?
  • Eligibility to apply for Federal aid for technical assistance and certain types of pre and post disaster project funding (i.e. project grants under Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) Hazard Mitigation (HMGP competitive state-wide after a Federal disaster declaration); FEMA's Pre-Disaster Mitigation competitive program (PDMC) (competitive nationwide, annual appropriation)
  • Leads to judicious selection of risk reduction actions
  • Contributes to more sustainable and disaster-resistant communities through selecting the most appropriate mitigation measures, based on the knowledge gained in the hazard identification and loss estimation process
  • Builds partnerships
  • Establishes priorities before disaster strikes
  • Improves the safety and economic well-being of constituents
  • Mitigation actions identified during the planning process can reduce the costs of a disaster
  • It simply costs too much to address the efforts of disasters only after they happen
  • State and Federal aid is often insufficient to cover the extent of physical and economic damages resulting from disasters
  • A surprising amount of damage from hazards can be prevented by taking the time to anticipate where and how they occur
  • Planning can lessen the impact and speed the overall response and recovery processes
  • Hazard mitigation can be incorporated as an integral component of daily business
  • Allows participants to focus their efforts on the hazard areas most important to them by incorporating the concept of determining and setting priorities for mitigation efforts

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3. Why prepare a Hazard Mitigation Plan?
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