Youth (Educational & TEAM) Sports - Application Process

The application process is currently open and applications must be submitted by December 8, 2023, ANY LATE OR INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS will be penalized in the amount awarded. The complete application consists of six (6) forms plus the COI, and schedule of events that must be submitted electronically (please keep forms as a Word doc, DO NOT convert to a PDF doc) to Debbie Fleming at
Below you will find the required OCFS forms 

Application Documents 

For agencies that received funding January 2023 – September 2023
Update and submit the following: 

  • 2023 – 2024 Application Cover Letter (DOC) 
  • OCFS 5001 [Rev. 10/23] (DOC) – Update and sign
  • OCFS 5002 [Rev. 10/23] (DOC) – Update the top section (no summary or features needed)
  • OCFS 5003 [Rev. 10/23] (DOC) 
         * Only complete if you are choosing a new Life Area or if Youth Development is a new stream of funding for your program
  • Only complete if you are choosing a new Life Area or if Youth Sports is a new stream of funding for your program.
    • Life Area: 2PEH Physical and Emotional Health
    • SOS:0232 Year-Round/Seasonal Activities
      • Perfomance Measures:
        • How Much: 0232A.1 – Number of youth participating (unduplicated)
        • How Well: 0232B.4 – Percent of youth completing the program
        • Better Off: 0232C.1 – Number and percent reporting they have improved their ability to socialize/interact with peers/family/other members of the community
  • 5011 OCFS Universal Application for Youth Sports Funding (DOC)
    • See bottom of page 2 for additional documentation required for this stream of funding

Other required documents:

2023-2024  Insurance and Exemption Guidelines for Contracts

  • Up-to-date Certificate of Insurance for the following:
        Certificate Holder 
        Rensselaer County Attorney’s 
                     99 Troy Road, NY 12061
        Workers Compensation
        NYS Disability

    A Schedule of program events with date, location, and times 

    Proof Rensselaer County Department for Youth and OCFS is listed as partial funders of your program

For New Applicants  

Concord – Contract Management System Resource Guides

Claiming Documents:
For allowable expenses see “Funding can be used for” above

All programs seeking funding must track outcome measures and provide data to the Youth Bureau using the OCFS Program Annual Report Form. 

Annual Performance Report:

Instructions and Manuals

Please Mark Your Calendars  

Deadlines will be as followed:

Application SubmissionDecember 8, 2023

Insurance Certificates (COI) – Are due the week you receive the email with the Official Award Letter from the Youth Department, COI must be valid at the time the contract is signed

Contracts Signatures – within the week the email is sent from the Contract Manager, so please be sure we have the correct email on the OCFS 5001 form for the Executive Director, Town Supervisor, Mayor or whomever has approval to sign contracts

Program ClaimsTwo (2) weeks after your program has ended, (if your contract has been signed) if the contract is not ready for signing and your program has ended, you will have 1 week from the time the email notification is sent (to the above-named person) stating it is ready for your signing 

Program Annual Report Three (3) weeks after your program is has ended.

All deadlines will be strictly enforced, if they are not met, any funds awarded well be forfeited