Financing Sources

Whether you are starting, growing, or recovering as a business owner, you may need to seek financing. There are several institutions right here dedicated to helping you finance your business. 

Pursuit Lending

Pursuit is a community-focused lender that provides small businesses with affordable loans and resources so that they can reach higher, transform and grow. They are a great option if you are interested in SBA and State loan programs. They also offer very fast Smartloan program along with a variety of other opportunities. 

Community Loan Fund of the Capital Region

CLF is a non-profit lending institution serving the capital region. Since 1985, they have made it their mission to support the development efforts of underserved people and communities. 

Commercial Banks and Credit Unions

There are many lenders out there that offer various forms of financing. By using the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ‘Find a Bank’ tool, you can locate any bank. The FDIC is an independent agency created by Congress to maintain stability and confidence in the nations financial system.