Tax Services

Real Property Tax Services agencies, also known as the Bureau of Tax Services, exist in every County of New York State (NYS). The services performed by these offices are legislated by statute pursuant to NYS Legislature or by rule pursuant to the NYS Office Of Real Property Services.

Responsibilities & Functions

Functions performed by this office are:

  • Advise and assist local assessors in the preparation and maintenance of their assessment rolls, property record cards and inventory files as well as additional documents relating to real property assessment and taxation. This would include a number of possibilities from answering tax exemption questions to assisting them with computer input
  • Apportion the County tax levy and prepare the annual tax rate schedule for Towns and Cities in the County. This office takes the adopted County budget and apportions the amount to be raised by the tax levy in the various municipalities as well as calculates the tax rates for the towns and cities, which is used to produce the current property tax bills
  • Coordinate the maintenance of the computer files for the various assessing jurisdictions as well as produce assessment rolls, tax rolls and tax bills for the towns, school districts and villages
  • Keying unpaid taxes for re-levy
  • Provide required training for local Board(s) of Assessment Review members and local assessors
  • Prepare and submit schedule of Real Property Taxes levied by County Legislature of NYS Comptroller's office and a statement of County equalization as required by the NYS Real Property Tax Law


Contact Tax Services for:

  • Address changes
  • Exemption information
  • Assessor information
  • Purchasing printed data
  • Status of corrective bill or refund on overpayment on land tax

Questions pertaining to taxes in arrears or County land auctions should be directed to the Bureau of Finance at 518-270-2755 or 518-270-2773.