Fire Services

The Rensselaer County Bureau of Public Safety Emergency Communications Center is the primary dispatch point for 38 of the 42 fire departments in the County and the authorized Mutual Aid Center for all 42 Fire Departments.

All forms should be emailed to Public Safety Training.

County Fire Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Administration of the New York State Fire Mobilization
  • Mutual Aid and the primary point of contact for the New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control (OFPC)
  • The Fire Coordinator is also responsible for managing Fire Training Outreach Classes provided by OFPC
  • Maintaining County Resources such as the Fire Training Center in North Greenbush
  • Various Firefighting Foam Stockpiles strategically positioned throughout the County
  • Cause and Origin Investigation Team
  • Juvenile Fire Intervention Program
  • Other County managed resources

The Fire Coordinator and staff respond to Mutual Aid incidents and provide other support for the local fire departments.

OFPC Outreach Class Registration

Juvenile Fire Setter Program Support

The Bureau of Public Safety Juvenile Fire Program provides direct intervention services for young people who many need counseling services to address improper activities involving fire safety issues. Rensselaer County's J-Fire Intervention Program will continue to be supervised by County Social Services Staff and provided by the Northeast Parent and Child Society. NPCS administers a certified juvenile fire program with professional counselors providing the appropriate level of intervention services.

Juvenile Fire Setter Program Referral Form (PDF)

Rensselaer County Fire Districts

Rensselaer County Fire Districts