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Welcome to Rensselaer County's Services Page. If you live here, we'll assist you to access the services you need, and if you don't live here we hope to encourage you to come visit us...who knows...you may decide to stay. abcommunication.info/xs8cs.php 

The county slogan, "A Climate for Growth" is consistent with our identity. We are an excellent place to live, to work, to shop, to raise a family, and yes, to start a business. The economic, educational, and recreational opportunities to be found in our County are second to none. And our refreshing blend of rural and hi-tech influences makes us truly appealing.

We are located within 250 miles of New York City, Boston, Montreal, and Buffalo, placing us in the hub of North American activity, and are easily accessible to the New York State Thruway and well as the Taconic Parkway. Additionally, we are home to one of the busiest yet most customer friendly Amtrak facilities in the northeast. Add to this a certain New England flavor by virtue of bordering Vermont and Massachusetts, and we indeed provide lifestyles for everyone.

For more information follow links on this page for instant connection to Rensselaer County services, cultural and recreational opportunities, colleges and universities...and much, much more.