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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request an appointment for counseling services?

Child and Family Clinic Plus Troy location – A parent or guardian will need to contact our office to set up an initial appointment for a child. Upon the initial phone call you will need the following information: the child’s name, date of birth, parent/guardian name, and a contact phone number. This information will be passed along to a member of our Consultation and Referral team. This team consists of Licensed Certified Social Workers and Psychologists. A member of the C&R team will then contact the parent/guardian and conduct a brief assessment over the phone to find out what services would best serve the child’s needs. A decision regarding whether or not the clinic would best meet the needs of the child or if a referral to another provider will be rendered. Upon the decision by the C&R team member an appointment will be made for a face to face Comprehensive Assessment with one of our Licensed Certified Social Workers or Psychologists.

Rensselaer City Clinic & Hoosick Falls Clinic – Upon your initial telephone call, the receptionist will take the same information as above and pass it on to either the Supervising Registered Nurse or one of two Licensed Certified Social Workers to review and return your telephone call. After conducting a brief assessment over the phone to find out what services would best serve the child or adults needs a decision will be made as to whether we would best provide services for the case or if a referral would be made.


“How do I request an appointment for MICA Treatment Services?”

Our MICA (Mentally Ill Chemical Abuser) Treatment program currently provides services to individuals seeking assessments for court ordered evaluations (not traffic court). They also provide evaluations for persons referred by DSS, Probation and Parole.
Upon your initial phone call a clinical staff member will conduct a brief screening to determine the level of care you are in need of. The purpose of this is to decide if you fit the criteria to be admitted to our MICA Treatment program. If the services you need do not fit the criteria for MICA services, a referral will be made to another qualified licensed program to fit you needs better.


“What rights do I have as a patient?”

Recipient Rights


Do you accept non-Rensselaer County clients?

As a Rensselaer County government agency we are restricted to serving only Rensselaer County residents.


What insurances do you accept?

“Please click for a list of insurance companies with whom we are currently in-network”


Updated 9/14/15